CBTA F - Full License

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How it works

Meet at the designated location 

Check over motorcycle and licence

Ride the assessment route

Discuss the assessment feedback and result

What to bring

Valid NZTA licence 

Protective gear covering all skin

LAMS Motorcycle with current WOF and a valid registration

Closed in shoes and a full face helmet

We currently run assessments in Hamilton, but will soon be adding routes throughout the Waikato, including Tauranga and Rotorua

The CBTA F reduces the wait time to sit a full license from 18 months down to 9. So, the assessment for the full test can be sat 9 months after attaining your restricted license.

Please note, the certificate for the full license assessment can only be used 12 months after the restricted was initially granted.

Yes, you’ll need to provide your own LAMS approved motorcycle.

We also have bikes available for hire from our local dealerships, The Honda shop and Boyd’s Motorcycles.

The CBTA is a ride on a predetermined route that covers a range of riding abilities, through urban and rural environments.

They are also called the basic assessment tasks.

More information can be found here.

We ask that all candidates turn up 5 minutes before the appointed booked time.

We allow 30 minutes for paperwork and then 30 minutes for the assessment.

As for gear, all skin must be covered and your bike should be in good roadworthy condition, with a current warrant of fitness and registration. 

You’ll also need your driving license. 

Generally, we suggest riders are confident riding at open road speed limits and have a good understanding of safe riding practises. 

We offer training packages to help you get up to speed and to provide skills to help you surpass the assessment standards. Please visit the page below to book in or email us at office@rideacademy.co.nz

We use the latest Bluetooth intercom systems that can hold a connection for up to 1 km apart. The mesh technology also automatically reconnects if the signal is lost.