BHS (Learner License)

Before applying for a motorcycle learner licence, you must pass a basic handling skills test. This test ensures that you have the necessary skills to ride safely on the road once you obtain your learner licence.

This is done in two stages, a practical test, and a theory test.

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The basic handling skills test consists of four stages:
  • Basic turn and stop
  • Figure of eight and park
  • Linking figures of eight
  • Increased speed and emergency stop

In completing the tasks above you will be assessed against the relevant assessment items below:

  • looking in the correct direction
  • signalling correctly
  • making head checks before changing position
  • lateral position of motorcycle
  • motorcycle control
  • using appropriate speed
  • parking observation
  • parking movement.

All of our learner training and assessments are one on one. This allows us to tailor the experience to your exact needs and help you the most. If you’d like to sit as a group or to have someone there for support that can also be arranged, just contact us.

Our learner licences start from $125, although it ultimately depends on your current experience level.

We train our clients to the highest standard to feel confident riding on the roads straight away.

We provide a learner bike but you’re more than welcome to bring your own lams approved bike, it will just need to be checked over by our instructor first.

Your driver’s licence or passport/photo ID. The NZTA also requires all learners to have all skin covered while riding, as a safety precaution.

Long pants/jeans, enclosed footwear, sweatshirt/jacket, waterproof clothing depending on the weather. Helmet and gloves if you have your own and prefer to use them, otherwise we will provide these for you.

Once you’ve passed, you may sit a theory test at your local testing centre, usually an AA or VTNZ. Free mock tests can be found online at or via mobile apps on the play store or apple store.